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Of all the things a successful online business owner needs, traffic is at the very top of the list.  But not just any traffic.  Targeted traffic. People who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting.  Building traffic is a long and tough road.  What better way to build that targeted traffic than with traffic tips for coaches?!?

Traffic Tips #1: Google Analytics & Tracking

Measure the performance of your website using the power of Google Analytics.

When you spend hours of hard work creating your website, do you know which page your users are spending the most time on?  Worse, you think your website is the best you ever had and you start investing thousands of dollars to drive hoards of traffic to your website hoping your offer converts traffic to customers only to realize it is not working.

Why?  What’s not working?

Well, nobody knows because if it is not measured, you can’t manage it.  This is where Google Analytics comes into play. It allows you to further understand the quality and behavior of the traffic that comes to your site.

Traffic Tip #2: Interview The Best

Leverage on the traffic and followers of authority figures by interviewing them.

Have you ever read the book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill?  It’s one of the most important financial books ever written about the science of personal achievement – the philosophy of success. Napolean Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie (the Bill Gates of the day) to research what made rich people rich.

Hill set out and interviewed over forty millionaires of his time. The book was written in 1937 and has sold over 70 million copies before he died in 1970.

A lot of people thought that Hill was paid by Carnegie to do the research. He wasn’t.

Carnegie only introduced Hill to the experts of the time – writers, business people, presidents, royalties, sports stars and it started rolling from there.  You could do the same.

Traffic Tip #3: eBooks

Publish a guide or an eBook that directs targeted readers to your website on Amazon.

Self-published books contribute to an estimated 31% of all eBook sales in the Amazon Kindle Store. Anyone with a great idea to share or a solution that solves a big problem can now publish their own book on Amazon.

There is a 100% chance you have downloaded at least one eBook in your entire life and read at least a few pages of it. This is what makes this hack viable. People do read at least a few pages of what they have downloaded and this is a low-cost method to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Traffic Tip #4: SEO and Images

Increase your SEO ranking by naming your images according to the researched keywords.

If you run your own blog site or at the very least publish your own content, you know images are important to make content more interesting. And if you are like most people, you would probably use royalty-free images.

Where most people make mistakes are uploading images without changing the file name. So it’s like you’re using a cat image for your article and the file name is “y5aabtc.jpg” because that’s how it was named when it was downloaded.

This becomes a missed opportunity to further rank your site using SEO because chances are that cat image will never appear in Google’s top results when people are searching for a cat image. Google wouldn’t know what “y5aabtc.jpg” is referring to.

Check out this post: Super Simple SEO Strategies

Traffic Tip #5: Facebook Pixel

Create an audience based on your content using Facebook pixel then send targeted advertising their way for your future offers.

You’ve done the research, put in the hours, and produced a fantastic piece of content you know is a hit with your audience. You publish it on your blog and voila it is a hit! But that’s all that happens. People read, engage with it and leave to another site for new content.

How do you leverage on the traction and momentum built from that great piece of content? Build targeted ads based on that traffic!

Traffic Tip #6: Lookalike Audiences

Use Facebook to find more of your best customers using the “Lookalike Audience” feature.

Let’s say you have an audience that is converting well to your offer. They are the best representation of the people whom you would like to serve and you want to put the right offer in front of the right people.

So the question would be, “How Do You Then Find More of Your Same Best Customers?”

Easy, you create a lookalike audience using Facebook!  A “Lookalike Audience” is a method to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your offer. This is because they are similar to your best existing customers.

Traffic Tip #7: Social Proof

Establish credibility and reduce the risk of your audience using social proof.

If you are like most marketers who buy traffic, you would want people who visit your site to come back again and again. It’s how you are going to build a following and a community around your service or product offering.

When there are returning visitors or customers, it increases their lifetime value to you because there are more chances they would buy something from you. That means it’s not just a one-off engagement.

Being able to show how many times someone shared your content or purchased it goes a long way toward gaining new followers and/or customers.

Traffic Tip #8: Blog Comment Conversations

Built recurring traffic to your site by engaging in conversations when your audience comments on your site.

This is one of the easiest hacks, yet many do not do it, simply because they get too busy or they were short-sighted and only focused on sales.  If you have followed other authority or expert figures before, you’ve left a comment or at least came across other comments.

When you respond to a comment, it’s easy traffic. You’re engaging in a conversation and the one who left the comment would come back to see what you have replied.
This is very much encouraged especially if they have posted a question because when you provide answers and they act on it, they get results which then can be used as a testimonial.

Traffic Tip #9: Long Tail Keywords

Dominate long-tail keywords of your niche to grow your traffic.

SEO on Google utilizes keywords to rank websites on its pages. There are two types of keywords: short-tail and long-tail. Short tail keywords are phrases that are three words or less, long-tail keywords are phrases with four words or more. The longer the keyword, the easier it is for you to rank using that keyword.

Google users who search using descriptive key phrases (long-tail keywords) are more likely to convert because they have more clarity on what they are looking for.

Traffic Tip #10: Simple Sign-ups

Keep all signups simple.

Cold traffic generated from advertising channels have yet to know you and because of that, it is difficult to like and trust you i.e. buy from you. This is why you want to simplify the sign-up or download process of your landing or webinar page.

If it is a webinar sign up page, keep all options on the same page. Do not split it into step 1: choose a date, step 2: choose a time, step 3: provide an email.

Traffic Tip #11: Reddit

Use Reddit to drive traffic to your website.

Here’s a channel which is not the average way to advertise. Most people go to paid advertising i.e. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Adwords but here you can get organic traffic for free!

Reddit has over 234 million unique visitors and 8 billion monthly page views.

That’s a lot of people! It’s currently the 7th largest site in the US and it has over 10 thousand active communities that you can easily tap into.

For some, these tips will double or quadruple the traffic to their website, for others it may not. The thing is to focus on what works for you and your audience and stick with it. You want to be in a position where you work most effectively to get to where you want to go.  Don’t be afraid to stop a strategy or a hack if it is not working for your business.

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