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for "Un-Tech-Savvy, Tech is Not My Friend" Women Coaches & Entrepreneurs

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Lisa Bonner, Founder, Solopreneur Media

I bet you can relate to these statements...

Website Design Makes Me Uncomfortable.

I'm overwhelmed by everything I have to do.

I'm tired of wasting time trying to figure this crap out!

It takes forever to create an email to send to my list

I can't afford a website designer, marketing coach, and someone to train me...

I feel lost in a sea of digital tech

I'm afraid to ask for help...And I'm afraid I'll "break" something...

Website, SEO, Email List, Social Media, Creating Graphics all make my head spin!

I'd love to move my business online, but i have no idea where to start

What if all those issues could be
solved, deleted, and forgotten?

What if someone made all those things super simple and fun for un-tech-savvy woman coaches and entrepreneurs in a "zero-embarrassment, no-fear, no-question-is-dumb" environment?

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Meet My Alter-Ego: LisaB

Everything starts with a conversation...

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