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My Mission

CONVERT the UN-TECH-SAVVY into "Confident, Successful, Tech-Savvy Business Owners I Know They Can Be

Lisa Bonner, Founder, Solopreneur Media

Your Mission, Should you choose to accept it is...

To overcome technology/ design issues that are in the way of achieving complete and total success!

Giving you the freedom to run your business, & not the other way around

“Most un-tech savvy women are so worried about looking ‘stupid’ or ‘silly’ admitting to being un-tech savvy, they don’t know it’s the real #1 thing holding back their business success.  That’s where I come in.  I’m the safe space they can come to: 1. to admit their technophobia; 2. feel good about doing it; and 3. finally get over it!”

Lisa Kay Bonner, The Tech Trainer to Coaches

You Don't Have to Struggle Alone

The days of struggling with your business tech, social media, and website…  

The days of fighting to get an automated email sent out…

The days of feeling embarrassed by your un-tech-savviness… 


Let’s start a conversation and see what specifics we can work on to get your business running optimally and profitably!

Meet My Alter-Ego: LisaB

Everything starts with a conversation...

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