Empty Tables?
Empty Bar Stools?
Low Customer Flow?

Bennu Digital
can help with that!


Website & Social Media Design for Restaurants


Website Design

website design for restaurants

The best restaurant websites aren’t just “online brochures”.  They are more like your best and hardest-working salespeople: dedicated, multitasking, and laser-focused on building your bottom line.

Social Media Design

social media design for restaurants

No matter how appetizing your food is or how amazing your service is, it’s all for nothing if you’re not driving traffic into your restaurant. 

That’s where strategic and engaging social media comes in.


Search Engine Position

seo for restaurants

Imagine you’re a visitor to your town (Springfield, IL), looking for a place to eat or have some drinks.  What do you do?  You get out your mobile phone and ask Google or Bing a question: “Where’s the best place for steak near me?”  or “Show me the best burger bar near me”.

Now, picture your restaurant.  Is it coming up in the top 5 search listings?

Email & Chatbot

automated customer service

Email is the fastest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to reach people who actively want to hear from you. 

A Chatbot helps you provide customer service and answer inquiries 24/7, 7 days a week.  Automatically.  You can also use them to setup reservations, get reviews, answer basic questions, and so much more!